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Apricot Labradoodle and Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies

We fell in love with Apricot labradoodles in 2020 with the addition of Millie. After bringing more than 20 puppies
with the various shades of reds into our program, we have decided to expand and add in some new colors for variety.
Beginning in 2024 you will have the opportunity to get apricot, cream, chocolate and perhaps even some black ones.

UPDATE 4/28/24  Although according to ultrasound we were expecting 6-8 puppies, Millie outperformed again! Her previous two litters were 11 each but this time, on 2/29/24, she surprised us with 13!!!!  It felt like they just kept coming. We were shocked.  But all puppies are doing great and Millie is doing her best to keep up with demands of nursing that many puppies. For regular updates and photos of our puppies visit our Facebook Page     Be sure and follow us.  Fill out your application and start the approval process TODAY.

Searching for The PERFECT Chocolate Labradoodle Male

The challenge with adding chocolate labradoodles to our program was that we wanted to keep both our apricot labradoodles as well as the chocolate labradoodles on the smaller side.  Many of our families are seeking dogs that are under 60# and we are working to consistently have puppies that will grow to be around 30-50#.  After many months of speaking with countless breeders we found the perfect addition to our program.  We have decided to bring an Australian Labradoodle in to our program. This breed combines that labradoodle with a bit of cocker spaniel.  This breed has been around since the 1980’s and are known for their straight or wavy non shedding coats, gentle temperaments and being terrific with all types of family situations.  Many have become very succesful therapy dogs. We couldn’t be more decided to take our program in this direction. Hopefully, with the very first litter, you will have your choice of chocolate labradoodle puppies as well as our popular red and cream labradoodle puppies. 


A Match Made In Heaven-Apricot meets Chocolate Labradoodle

We are so excited that we have bred Millie and Trapper on 12/28/2023 and as long as everything goes well we will be meeting our first Australian labradoodle puppies the end of February.  Millie and Trapper have been cleared of all genetic diseases we can test for. They have both had OFA testing done for hips, elbows, patellas, cardiac and eyes.  They have passed all of those tests as well.



MILLIE-Our apricot labradoodle mother

Millie is an F1 apricot/cream labradoodle.  That means she is 50% lab and 50% poodle. She is a remarkable mom and has given us some beautiful cream, red, and apricot labradoodles. Her previous puppies all have such amazing temperaments and we expect the next litter to be no different.  If anything, mating with an Australian chocolate labradoodle will give us even better temperaments and a bit smaller size.Apricot-Labradoodle-puppies

We are expecting these apricot labradoodle puppies to weigh between 30-50 pounds.  This litter will also produce puppies that are various shades of reds and creams and chocolates. You can expect straight or wavy coats that will be very easy to maintain.

Since they will all have furnished they should have little to no shedding. We look forward to having a variety so that families looking for their apricot labradoodle puppy or maybe even another color will have a choice. Millie has large litters-so far both of her litters have been 11 healthy apricot labradoodle puppies so we are allowing a minimum of eight people on our wait list.apricot-labradoodle

We are expecting this to be a special litter and we intend to hold one or two puppies back for our program. You can tell by her face in this picture that she is as sweet as they come and she has beautiful eyes. Many of her puppies have been blessed with those same green/gold eyes. And all of these puppies will have that adorable brown nose too.

Australian Chocolate Labradoodle-Trapper

Trapper is a darling chocolate labradoodle who will be on loan to us from Tillery’s Labradoodles in North Carolina.

He weighs 30 pounds and is 18″ tall.  Millie is 56 pounds and is 22″ tall. We would estimate their offspring will be 30-50 pounds. But since Trapper has a long history of smaller relatives we are hopeful that many of our puppies will inherit the smaller size as well. We are so excited to have Trapper mate with Millie for the puppies dreams are made of!


Although Trapper is solid chocolate, since Millie carries a gene for white it’s possible that many of our puppies will have some white markings such as white feet, tip of tail or white chest.

For updates and announcements about this litter we encourage you to follow our facebook page.


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Some of Millie’s previous apricot labradoodle puppies.  Some of them are double doodles.  You can see, either way, they are simply gorgeous!

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