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First Things First

If you are looking for Bernedoodle Breeders in Ohio this is for you. Before you contact bernedoodle breeders in person or over the phone, we would like to help you by giving you a bit of information about the breed.

Bernedoodles are a cross between a Bernese Mountaing Dog and a Poodle. Bernese Mountain Dogs have a relatively short life span of about 8 years. Breeding with a poodle has been shown to give them a longer life of about 12 years. This has been great for those who love the friendliness and silliness of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the intelligence of the poodle and want many years to love their dog.

We met our first Bernedoodle, Liberty, as a 16-week-old puppy and couldn’t wait to watch her grow.  bernedoodle-breedersShe is so funny.  We watch her jump straight up as if she’s on a pogo stick! Like a typical doodle, she is always trying to climb on our lap for some loving. But at 50 pounds she has to settle for putting her paws on our lap. Liberty is a great hugger and always brightens our day. We were so happy when she passed all of her health testing so that she could enter our breeding program. In December of 2022, she had her first litter of 9 beautiful puppies.

Improving the Breed

Bernedoodle breeders should always try to better the breed.  We are aware that many people want a teeny tiny bernedoodle but you can’t just take a toy poodle and breed it to a 80 pound+ Bernese and expect a 20 pound dog. However, that is exactly what many bernedoodle breeders will do. Breeding down to tiny bernedoodle puppies responsibly,  takes many years of breeding down in size and often you end up with a dog that is 90% poodle and 10% bernese.  You might as well buy a poodle! You can always ask your bernedoodle breeder how much bernese is in your puppy and how they achieved the small size.

Temperament of Adult Bernedoodles

Bernedoodles are highly intelligent and are very quick learners. They are eager to please most of the time but can be a bit stubborn.  Therefore, it is important that you remain firm in your training and let them know you are the boss! 

Known for being friendly, gentle and very affectionate, bernedoodles are great with children. We intentionally socialize our puppies with bigger dogs so they will make a great addition to a family that wants to add a second (or third) dog to their home. 

We have placed our bernedoodles in small homes with a little yard and large homes with acreage. A smaller bernedoodle would also do well in an apartment. It doesn’t matter with a bernedoodle.  They adapt well to all living conditions.  However, you will need to make sure they get in a fair of amount of exercise daily. And as bernedoodle breeders, we would strongly suggest you focus on enrichment activities.  They love puppy games and lick mats. Something as simple as a slow feeder bowl is a great start.

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Stop Sneezing

Many people are highly allergic to dogs.  While bernedoodles aren’t completely hypoallergenic, at Mi-de-doodle we breed them to be very low shedding and should be okay for those with allergies.

Ask bernedoodle breeders to do what we do- provide you a t-shirt that has been rubbed over the puppy you want. Wear it for a day and see if you have a reaction! 

But there is also something you can ask your breeder. Ask them if the dog has one or two copies of furnishings.  This is one of the reasons we run dna test on ALL of our puppies .  We want to know about their coat.  The absolute best puppy for allergies is a puppy with a long coat with 2 furnishing genes. But even one furnishing gene makes your puppy low shedding. For more information on grooming your Doodle click here.

Let’s Take a Hike

Bernedoodles have a fun and loving nature.  They love being outside and will enjoy walks, hiking  and all kinds of outdor play. This is another thing that makes them wonderful for active familie or individuals.

If you would like to find our more about how we run our program daily, please click here

We look forward to being your bernedoodle breeders and helping you find the perfect puppy. Learn more about us…