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Stylish Bernedoodle Haircuts | Grooming Tips for Your Furry Friend

Are you looking for some ideas on Bernedoodle haircuts and grooming your Bernedoodle?  In this page we hope to give you ideas for those haircuts as well as how to groom your puppy at home in between professional groomings.  You may even decide to try your hand at a Bernedoodle haircut yourself!  Even if you mess up, the hair will grow back. As a Bernedoodle breeder, we usually do our grooming and you can too.

Bernedoodles are a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a poodle.  The higher the percentage of poodles, the more likely your dog will have a curlier coat.  Many will also have a wavy coat and then you will also find some that even have a straight coat.  Before we talk about haircuts, let’s discuss what it takes to groom a Bernedoodle.

Tools of the Trade

Before you start grooming your Bernedoodle you need to get a few tools.  These tools will be used in your weekly grooming.  If you want to try your hand at doing full haircuts, there are a few more that you will need.  To get started you will need a good steel comb, a great slicker brush (we like the Chris Christensen Big G) shampoo and nail clippers unless you are having a groomer bathe your puppy and trim it’s nails.Bernedoodle Haircuts 
Many people are afraid to cut puppy nails but at Mi-de-doodles we have been cutting their nails weekly and most of our  bernedoodle puppies are very willing to allow you to do it.  Keeping their nails short, so they don’t tap on the floor, is important.  Long nails can be uncomfortable and also because the foot doesn’t land properly on the ground it can cause arthritis.  Long nails may also get torn or split causing your dog unneccessary pain.  If you spend time a couple of times a week, minimum, grooming your puppy, not only will their coat not get matted, but your dog will be easier to groom as an adult. 

Bernedoodle Haircuts | Grooming Method

When grooming your Bernedoodle before a haircut or any other time, there are some special areas to pay attention to.  Be sure you have combed well behind the ears, the muzzles and beard, armpits where the leg meets the body and around the base of the tail.  Forgetting these areas may mean your dog will need shaved in the future.  When combing, remember that a mat left behind will get bigger.  And to a dog it feels like a ponytail that is too tight so let’s take our time and do and effective job at grooming.

1. Starting with the back leg, finger part a small section of hair and brush with the slicker brush until smooth.  Keep parting and work up the leg until you are at the body.  Make sure to work on the top and bottom of feet as well.  Once you think it’s all brushed out, use the comb and make sure you get down to the skin and comb through.  The goal is to have the comb go smoothly through the coat.  If you find any mats, use a little cornstarch work it into the mat, and then comb again.

2. Using the same method do the entire body and the other three legs.  You will do the head next.  Be careful to get right up to the back of the ear where it meets the head.  It is very common to develop mats in this area.  Use the same procedure as for the boday.  Also make sure you comb the inside hair on the ears.  Ton continue grooming the muzzle you can brush and comb all hair forard first and then comb it back in place.

3. We use ear cleaner on a cotton ball to clean out the inside of our dog’s ears.  Doodles are prone to ear infections (we have never had a single one) so please clean and keep ears as dry as possible. If you notice the ear has a funky smell or dog shaking it’s head, it could be the start of an ear infection. 

4. Next is clipping the nails. Even if the dog nails aren’t excessively long, we still clip nails weekly. Even if we only do a few nails and take off a tiny amount, this keeps them acclimated to this part of puppy grooming.  As they get older you may do this less often. Hold the bernedoodle puppy’s foot firmly when cutting the nail.  You want to take just the tip of the nail off to avoid cutting too especially if they have black nails. If they have white nails, don’t cut up to where the nail turns pink or you’ll be cutting into the quick. If you have a bleeding nail you can dip it in kwik stop or some flour. 

5. We like to finish with Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine.  This keeps their coat looking nice and also helps it repel dirt.

6. If you are bathing your dog, you need to brush it before bathing toBernedoodle Haircuts prevent the hair from matting further.  Use a gentle shampoo and only bathe every 6-8 weeks to prevent hair from drying out.  We also use a dryer made for drying dogs.  A completely dry dog won’t get the “wet dog” smell. Once the dog is dry, brush it again.  This won’t take long as you have already removed mats before bathing. We love the Shelandy Groomer Partner dryer for around $80 on Amazon. It will cut your drying time by more than half and also doesn’t get too hot for your bernedoodle puppy.

For more tips on brushing and combing properly this YouTube video is very helpful. Ber

Bernedoodles take a fair amount of grooming to keep them looking their best. But they also need bathing as well as professional grooming too.  So let’s take a look at some of the bernedoodle haircuts. Keep in mind, the best thing to do is a take a picture of the cut that you want.  What a “puppy cut” is to you may be completely different than what the groomer sees in her mind.
1. Puppy Cut
The traditional puppy cut

involves trimming the hair to an even length over the entire body which gives them a fluffy and adorable appearance. There is no industry standard on what the length is so it’s very important you have a conversation with your groomer. Most groomers will use  a length of 1-2″ but by definition of one length all over you could find that your dog has been shaved!  That is, afterall, one length all over.  You may want to ask for a puppy cut all over the body while leaving face long.  Or if your puppy likes to get muddy, you may want to ask them to cut the feet short.  Hold your fingers against your bernedoodle puppy to show the groomer how long you want their coat.

2. Lamb Cut.  The lamb cut involves cutting the legs and body very short. 

This is a great cut for the summertime and is very easy to maintain.Bernedoodle Haircuts If you are ready to cut down on grooming during the busy warmer months, then this Bernedoodle haircut my be perfect for you. In this cut the body is cut very short but not shaved.  The face is left long so it remains fluffy and will resemble a lamb.

3. Teddy Bear Cut
 The Teddy Bear Cut is often what people associate with a Bernedoodle haircut.  This is a haircut that will give your goldendoodle dog that cute fluffy appearance.  It takes a skilled groomer to do this cut well as it involves a great deal of scissor work. Bernedoodle Haircuts Make sure you ask to see some pictures of their work or ask for a referral from another doodle owner who gets teddy bear cuts.  This cut will also require more upkeep so you can expect a grooming visit every 4 weeks or so to maintain it.
The Teddy Bear cut has soft rounded edges.  Ears, cheeks and even the paws will all be rounded.  Make sure you brush daily to maintain the look.

These are just a few of the Bernedoodle haircuts that you can get.  You can do a summer cut, dinosaur cut and mohawk just to name a few.  Talk to your groomer about what your goals are. e.g low maintenance, show stopping, head turning or just a dog that is so cute that everyone wants to pet her.

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Please note these are not our puppies but just examples of haircuts.

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