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Black Goldendoodles-Simply Gorgeous

Black Goldendoodles-Uncommon and Gorgeousblack goldendoodles

Most people don’t think of black when they think of  Goldendoodles. However,Black Goldendoodles are one of the most sought-after colors.  When you walk down the street with a black goldendoodle puppy, you can be sure that heads will turn! 
The black Goldendoodle puppy will have a solid black coat or may have a minimal white markings. They look very sophisticated with their shiny coat. Since most breeders breed the more traditional reds, you will be fortunate to find a black Goldendoodle puppy. At Mi-de-doodles, we are now pairing our goldendoodle with a beautiful male to produce some of these stunning colors.
Black Goldendoodles               
The Merle Goldendoodle
Another color of goldendoodle that has become popular is the Merle Goldendoodle. Like the black goldendoodle, they too will cause people to turn their head to look.  With the combination of the merle gene and a curly or wavy coat, the unique merle puppy will have a beautiful array of colors and markings. 


Breeders must be cautious not to breed two dogs together who both carry the merle gene as this can cause blindness. None of our mothers carry for Merle so that is not a concern at Mi-de-doodles.

However, when purchasing a merle Goldendoodle puppy, please make sure you ask the breeder which parents carry Merle. Both Merle Goldendoodles and black goldendoodles are fairly uncommon but that’s what makes them so valuable. Depending on the coat type your merle goldendoodle puppy will require the same grooming as the other colors.    More info on grooming

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black goldendoodles Red Goldendoodle and Apricot Goldendoodle
The most well-known color of Goldendoodles are the Red and Apricot.  Both of these colors are similar and the genes can be found in both the golden retriever as well as the poodle. 
However, they look distinctly different. red goldendoodles are a deeper richer color and the apricot is much lighter.  They are both beautiful and it’s what many people have in mind when purchasing a Goldendoodle. 

But there are also a couple of patterns that are often found.  Those are abstracts and parts.  Abstracts will have some white markings-maybe the chest, a blaze on the forehead, white toes and maybe the tip of the tail.  They can have many of the white markings or just a few.  This is something they have in common with the black goldendoodles which can also have white markings.  The other pattern, parti, is about 50% white with red or apricot spots. 


The abstract and parti’s are what you see in the pictures.  black goldendoodles

 You can also have a black or brown parti Goldendoodle. As you can see, there are a lot of color combinations in Goldendoodle puppies.
So you can choose a solid red, apricot, caramel, brown, or black Goldendoodles or you can select an abstract, parti or merle pattern.  No matter what you choose, just choose a great breeder and you will have a furry friend that will make you happy for many years.

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