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Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies-Dark to Light Brown Labradoodles

Chocolate Labradoodles are a combination of Labrador Retriever and Poodle. Although each of these two breeds has it’s own standard colors, when bred together you increase the color choices as well as the coat patterns that you might get.  As your labradoodle breeder we often like to go one step further and add in a goldendoodle.  Then we have the most amazing puppies-Double Doodles!

Standard colors of Labradors are black, brown (chocolate) and yellow.  In the yellow lab you get a lot of variation-anything from pale cream to rich dark red.  Chocolate labradoodles can be shades of milk chocolate to dark rich browns. 

Poodles come in black, blue, silver, brown, cafe au lait, silver beige, cream, apricot and red.   It is considered that apricot Poodles are rare but when you combine the poodle with a labradoodle, you often get apricot!  Our labradoodles have all been shades of reds so far including apricots so I guess we are a rare breeder.

We are excited to add chocolate labradoodle puppies into our line and expect them in early 2024 but in the meantime I can highly recommend Raising Doodles.  Although they don’t offer a Lifetime Guarantee, they do use only health tested dogs and also use the same curriculum that we use.  She has beautiful standard size chocolate labradoodle puppies as well as some other colors throughout the year

A Bit About Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies Genetics

Genetics are so very interesting in the breeding of labradoodles. The first generation, where we breed a poodle to a labrador retriever are called F1’s.  These are a 50-50 mix.  Some will have wavy or curly coats while some will have a straighter coat.  They may have a brown nose or black depending on what genes they inherit. Sometimes a litter will have both types.  In Labradoodles they call the brown nose color Dudley. 

Chocolate labradoodle puppies, like red labradoodles, black labradoodles and all the other colors can have either a brown or a black nose. The genes responsible for the nose and pad coloring is different than the coat coloring.  However, if even one parent carries two genes for a black nose, all the puppies from that parent will have black noses as this is a dominant gene. chocolate-labradoodle

Once we get through the first generation the next generation is usually referred to as F1b meaning it’s been backbred, usually back to a poodle.  Puppies born from this pairing will be 75% poodle and will usually have a more curly coat that they inherit from the poodle parent.  But you may start to see more color variations in this generation as well.  In late 2024 we hope to use our Labradoodle, Millie and breed her with a Goldendoodle that will give use a huge variation in colors-black, browns, red and many different patterns as well.  

Labradoodle Coat Patterns

A picture is worth a thousand words so in describing the differenct coat types, we will also see what they look like with different labradoodles. chocolate labradoodle Chocolate labradoodle puppies come in abstracts, which are white markings like on the chest, feet, a blaze on forehead etc.  The white makes up less than 50% of the coloring.  Here we show you both a chocolate and a black labradoodle with abstract markings. Abstracts also include tuxedos which have a great deal more white on the chest that resembles them wearing a tuxedo.chocolate labradoodle

Parti Color-Stunning As Puppies and Adults

Parti colored labradoodles are over 50% white.  labradoodle-puppy-partiWhile our parti’s are shades of red, we will be adding other colors soon.  They have been very popular especially when they have a straight or wavy coat! The red parti shown here is actually one of our very own puppies. You have to admit, he’s adorable! We are focusing more on the straight/wavy coats because they are so easy to maintain.  As long as your dog has furnishings, they will shed little if at all.

Unusual Pattern Known as Merle

Next up are the merles.  Merles have become very popular in recent years and are very striking. These, too can come in all colors. We think the chocolate labradoodles puppies with the merle pattern are just something special to see.  Although we don’t breed these ourselves, you may be able to find merle chocolate labradoodle puppies for sale with Raising Doodles.  This is one of their puppies. Special thanks to Celina Farber for allowing me to show her puppy.

Have You Heard of Phantoms

Phantom labradoodles have a look all of their own.  When you see a phantom walking down the street you can’t help but give it a second look.  Phantom coloring only comes in chocolate labradoodle puppies and black labradoodle puppies.  The phantom will have a base color of chocolate or black with the secondary color appearing as eyebrows, on the sides of the muzzle, on the throat/chest and on all four legs.  At birth we know it may be a phantom because under their tail will be the secondary color. The color becomes more prominent with time.

These are the most common coloring patterns.  As you can see, no matter what color you choose, you can’t go wrong. The best news is that you will get a wonderful pet in chocolate labradoodle puppies, a black labradoodle puppy, red labradoodle or any of the colors and patterns. But now when you hear a breeder talk about the colors of the puppies, you will have a better idea of what they are talking about.  We hope you will choose us as your breeder but if not, hopefully, we have helped you to know what you are looking for. For more Info Please Contact Us

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