Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and Bernedoodles

Welcome to Mi-de-doodles

Hello, we are Mike and Deanna Fritsch-owners of Mi-de-doodles. (pronounced mighty) Mike and I are empty nesters of 6 wonderful children. We are also grandparents to 10 grandchildren who are very helpful in socializing our puppies. Living on 4 beautiful acres in the country gives our puppies a chance to explore-although we do have to watch that they don’t run into our pond!  We believe that running in our yard helps them develop a strong immune system as well as help socialize them.

I was raised with dogs but had never considered becoming a breeder until I read a book from a girl at our church. That opened my eyes to an opportunity to impact the lives of others in such a positive way and heal hearts. I never dreamed that it would be so fulfilling-or so much work! We are so thankful that God led us in to this business. We pray over our mom’s when they are pregnant that they remain strong and healthy and then pray over the health of our puppies.  Lastly we always pray that God will bring the perfect family for each puppy and so far He has provided!

When my daughter had a litter of labradoodles, I just had to have Millie. She was to become the foundation for our breeding program. I had so much to learn before I started.  When I decide to do something I go “all in”. So thus began a 2-year educational process. Reading all I could, reaching out to other breeders, performing very expensive health testing and investing in all kinds of breeding equipment, I learned very quickly this was either going to be a very expensive hobby or I had to be committed to becoming the best breeder I could be. (I chose the latter)

Along the way I learned some very valuable lessons.  I met breeders who weren’t truthful.  Some wouldn’t even speak to me! Many wouldn’t answer questions about their program or it was very hard to get answers.  Then there were those who thought “health testing” was a vet check up. What?  I was new to this world and I knew more than that!  I quickly learned how to tell the difference in a puppy mill, backyard breeder and a Great breeder.  Learn more here.   There was nothing more important to me than my reputation and I knew if I messed up, I would never be the breeder that owners would refer to their friends. 

Through this process I realized that although there are a lot of dog breeders, there aren’t that many GREAT breeders.  I am on a mission to show my puppy families what dog breeding should look like. By carefully selecting our moms and dads and making sure they pass all their health tests, we can focus on four things: Health, Temperament, Intelligence and Beauty. Our job after raising some incredible puppies is to make sure we match them to the perfect family.

It makes me happy when someone takes the time to interview me.  This is a big decision and you should ask me a lot of questions. We are going to have a long relationship so I want you to feel comfortable with me. Of course I am very happy if the interview goes well and you decide you really want a Mi-de-doodles puppy.

We started our program with a labradoodle but fell in love with two other doodle breeds-goldendoodles and bernedoodles. We have been blessed to have all three of our girls pass all of their health testing and all have proven to be great moms. As we expand our program our standards have been raised even higher.  Being one of the best doodle breeders in Ohio is our goal. We hope you will join the Mi-de-doodles family soon!


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