Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and Bernedoodles

We are located about 30 minutes east of Columbus, Ohio. Our 4 beautiful country acres are an amazing place to let our puppies run and play.

Our LIFETIME HEALTH GUARANTEE surpasses that of nearly every other breeder. If you would like to read the details please read about it here.

The health of our puppies is our top priority so we do limit visitors.  However, we will offer a puppy visit day when puppies are around 7 weeks old. We ask that you follow our cleaning protocols once you are on our premises to keep them safe.  Visit will be less than one hour as to not cause stress to puppies.

We breed medium sizes  or small/medium depending on breed.  We work to have puppies in the 30 to 40 pounds range.This is a size we feel works well for all families-older couples needing a companion, families with smaller children as well as people who want a running buddy. Although we can’t guarantee size, we do our best to give you a good estimate.

Puppies have their own nursery to start life which is next to our family room.  This allows us to check on them frequently without interfering with the bonding process.  At 3 weeks their area is moved out to our family room for more exposure to real life. then at 5 weeks they advance to their play area so they learn to potty outside, get crate training and get introduced to more noises. Visit RAISING PUPPIES to see more of what we do.

To be considered for our program parents must be clear of diseases that would pass to puppies. We do genetic testing as well as test for hips, elbows, patella, basic cardio and eyes. We also do breed specific tests for PRA/PRA2, Von Williebrands and Degenerative Myelopathy.  Then we run genetic testing on our puppies to determine what types of coats they will have-long, curly or wavy.  

We will not send any puppy home until at least 8 weeks. We will schedule your pickup day at 7 weeks and ask that you make arrangements to pick up on a Saturday or Sunday. Some exceptions can be made if needed.

If you have researched our site then you know that our puppies are for discriminating buyers who only want the best puppy that money can buy. You will be hard pressed to find the type of guarantee we offer, find a puppy that is fully crate trained and at least partially housebroken.  We also want to be fair in our pricing and adjust according to the market.  Currently our pricing is $2500-$2900 for our puppies depending on breed. We are happy to offer military discounts and repeat buyer discounts.

Yes! We even offer FREE delivery within 100 miles. We are happy to meet you at the Columbus (CMH) airport if you fly in or we can arrange shipping with a flight nanny.  We also are happy to arrange ground travel with a USDA transporter. We can often personally deliver beyond 100 miles for a fee. 

We will send you home with some travel accessories such as a portable water bowl, slip least and poop bags. There will be a litter scented item to help puppy adjust and a couple of toys.  You will also have enough starter food to last several days. PLEASE do not change puppy’s food for at least 2 months and please no treats during that time. For training just use from their daily allotment of food. We also offer you a slightly used crate for transport at no additional charge. You will also go home with 30 days of free puppy insurance that you must activate immediatly.  We like to do it before you leave. Puppy will be current on vaccines and microchipped.