Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and Bernedoodles

Our Local Family Guardian Home Program

At Mi-De-Doodles we believe that every dog deserves to be raised in a loving home. Many breeder retire their adults after a few years of breeding and then look for a new home to place them in. We feel it is better for the dog to get their forever family while they are still young and it easier for them to bond. 

All of our breeding dogs live in our home as pets or in the homes of our wonderful local guardian families. All of our doodles need and thrive in a rich social environment that can only be provided by a family.  The partnership we have with our guardian families allows us to continue to grow our program without the use of kennels.  This helps to insure that all of our dogs are all well adjusted and fit to be great parents.

In exchange for participating in our program you will receive a FREE dog. The puppy will be considered “the pick of the litter” and will be valued at over $4000 after all the health testing is completed.  As long as our dog is kept in optimum health, we also pay you for the healthy puppies that are produced.  Guardians of female dogs will be paid $75 for each puppy that is sold from resulting litters.  For Guardians of male dogs, we pay $200 for each successful breeding which is considered 2 or more puppies. We do this as a way to help to cover expenses for training, grooming and keeping our dogs healthy. In the event that we feel the dog doesn’t meet our high standards (due to no fault of guardian home) dog will be spayed/or neutered and guardians will become the new owner.  We will only allow our females to have between 3-4 litters so that we can retire them young.  We will never exceed 4 litters even if our mother remains in perfect health. Males may be used several times a year depending on demand for a specific male. 

We will pay for all health testing to prepare dog for breeding.  Most testing won’t be done until the puppy is over a year but we usually do hip evaluation between four months and 1 year.  This just requires a trip to a local vet and the dog will be returned to you later that same day. As a guardian you will be invited over on go home day to experience the joy the families have when they get a puppy from a momma you have raised! 

To be considered as a guardian home for one of our “pick of the litter” puppies, we require that you live within a 60 minute drive of Glenford Ohio.  It is required that you have physical fencing (not invisible fencing-although we may make exceptions based on circumstances) to provide a safe and secure environment for the Guardian puppy, own your own home and have a work schedule that allows your puppy to not be left alone for extended periods of time.  All of our puppies must be indoor dogs and never left unattended outside.  Guardian families must have reliable transportation and be willing to bring the dog to us when needed througout the year.  

As part of our guardian family you will be getting one of our BEST puppies. 

You are responsible for:

  • Annual checkup and vaccines and parasite prevention
  • Keeping puppy on approved foods throughout guardianship. If you need to change their food please notify us
  • Using our veterinarian-in Granville or Pataskala. This is negotiable.
  • Grooming every 4-6 weeks. We have no objection to you doing it yourself but there may be times when we need professional grooming for pictures for our website. You must learn to do line brushing to prevent matting.
  • Either take your puppy to puppy school until it earns the Canine Good Citizen or use the Bella and Baxter online training program.  It is very important that our moms learn to be calm in all situations and to know basic obedience.
  • Notify us immediatly when your dog (female) comes in heat. Although we never breed on the first heat, we still need to track it so we can anticipate the next one. Her heat cycle will usually last 14-21 days. Doggy diapers are great during this time.
  • Providing monthly photos during the first year so we can access her development and put pictures on our social media pages and website.
  • Allow us to visit every few months during first year to assess puppy as well as bring her to us for an occasional visit so she feels comfortable here. 
  • You may not have more than two other dogs in your home and they must be spayed/neutered.  We will make an exception if you are a guardian home to 2 or more of our females as long as any of your own dogs are spayed/neutered.
The Breeding Process
  • When it’s time for breeding, you will return dog to us for 5-7 days. Once breeding has occurred we will bring her back to you for her pregnancy.  During her pregnancy we may get her for ultrasound, x-ray and progesterone testing.  When she reaches 8 weeks gestation, she will return to our home for whelping, raising and weaning of her litter. We are happy to schedule visits with the guardian after puppies are 3 weeks old. Prior to this time it may cause too much stress in the mom and she might refuse to nurse her puppies. Due to the amount of time she will be away from you, we prefer guardians who don’t have young children as this would be hard for them to understand.
  • You must be able to detect a heat cycle and keep her away from any intact males. We need to be informed of every heat whether or not she is being bred as this helps us plan for future breedings.  An unwanted pregnancy will result in us removing you from our guardian program and the dog will be returned to us. 
  • We expect to breed 3-4 litters depending on how much the dog enjoys motherhood and her health. At that time, we retire her, pay to have her spayed, relinquish ownership, and she lives out the remaining years with you as her owner and forever companion
 We suggest you review the contract before filling out the application.  You may read it HERE

If becoming a Guardian Home is something that you are interested in and you meet qualifications, fill out the application so that we can arrange a phone interview.  These opportunities may only be available 2-3 times per year so it’s best to get on our list of interested families.