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All About Labradoodles

If you want to add a labradoodle puppy to your family, it’s important to find reputable Labradoodle Breeders who make health and temperament a priority.

At Mi-de-doodles, we researched and studied for two years before we even had our first labradoodle puppy.  Millie, had been an amazing mom and has given us twenty two beautiful puppies so far. She is the sweetest girl and truly loves being a mom. She is so nurturing and is very patient with them.labradoodle-puppies

The Beginnings of the Labradoodle

 Labradoodle were orginally bred in the 1980’s by Australian breeder Wally Conron.  He wanted to create a hypoallergenic dog to help people with allergies.

For many years the labrador retriever has been the most popular breed and considered one of the best breeds for families. But today more google searches are for the labradoodle because people love the lower shedding. Labradoodle puppies combine the intelligence of the poodle and loyalty of the labrador making them great pets for adults and childrens alike!              

Labradoodles are very easy to train and as a result they are often used and therapy and service animals.  If that is what you are in search of, Labradoodle breeders should be able to suggest a puppy that might be best to fill that need.  This can be, determined in part, through temperament testing.                                   

Labradoodle puppies come in many colors and coat types. You may like a chocolate, a shade of red or perhaps a black one.  But because they are mixed with a poodle, your color selection is even broader.  Merle’s parti’s and abstracts are also available. Find out more about coloring

                                                                                                                                                                How Much Poodle in my Labradoodle?

You may also be interested in finding out what generation your labradoodle is.  When they breed a labrador to a poodle, the resulting puppies will be F1. That means they are half of each breed and create hybrid vigor. If one of those grows up and is bred back to a poodle to get even less shedding, it is an F1b. Now you have 75% poodle and 25% labrador. And there are many other combinations. 

At Mi-de doodles our focus is to breed to keep the percentage of labrador as high as possible while also creating low shedding coats.  Although we personally prefer the wavy or straighter coats, we usually have a few curly coats in each litter that people love.  As a result, most of our puppies will be more of a multigenerational pup.labradoodle-puppies-for-sale-ohio

Interview your breeder
Getting a puppy can be a large investment when you are getting one that is going to give you years of happiness.  We are providing you a checklist of what we do as a starting point for you to use when interviewing other breeders. Don’t just ask- do you have any puppies?  How much are they? Find out if they are commited labradoodle breeders or a backyard breeder who just wants to make a few dollars. See the costs of raising a high quality labradoodle puppy.
  • Carefully select our breeding dogs for temperament
  • Breed only dogs that have passed health tests including but not limited to hips, elbows and breed specific genetics
  • Feed nutritious food and as much as possible use holistic and natural methods for health. e.g We use brewers yeast as flea and tick prevention.
  • Start puppies on ENS and ESI to boost their health from day 3
  • Litter train to give puppy early potty training-learning to keep their sleep and play areas clean
  • Introduce to crate early-at 3 weeks-with the door open so they see it as a friendly place
  • Advanced crate training at 6 -7 weeks where they sleep in it at night
  • Outdoor playtime beginning by 6 weeks which encourages puppies to potty outside
  •  Vet Checks-First vaccines, wellness assessment and microchipped
  • Interview of potential families. These are our babies and we want to find them great homes. All labradoodle breeders should interview you.
  • Temperament Testing-This helps us determine the true personality of the puppy to find the best fit for your family. 
  • Lifetime Support-Always a text or phone call away to answer your questions
  • Highly Recommended-You are encouraged to speak with our current puppy/dog owners before making your investment. Reach out to our owners.
  • LIFETIME HEALTH GUARANTEE-We believe you deserve more than a one or two year guarantee!labradoodle-puppies-parti

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