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Mini Bernedoodle Puppies to Standard Bernedoodles-What You Need To Know

Micro Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

If bred responsibly the micro mini bernedoodle Puppies will take several generations of breeding down in size to achieve.  The problem with this is that, while they are simply adorable, they will probably have very little Bernese mountain dog in their genetics.  In order to get to this tiny size, you must keep breeding back to a smaller poodle. As a result, you may be getting a puppy that is a mere 10% or LESS Bernese Mountain Dog. The other thing that may be a problem is their health. An unethical breeder may take the runt of a litter that may not have the best health and breed it to the tiniest poodle they can find. The result may not be the healthiest of puppies.Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

With that being said, a micro mini will be between 15-25 pounds and will be 16-18 inches at the shoulder. They should be low or no shedding. 

If you have a very small space and love the personality of bernedoodle, this may be a good fit. 

Just do your homework to make sure it was bred properly. One other note-use caution when buying any breed that is super tiny if you have young children.  It is much easier for a tiny puppy to be hurt if children play too rough.

When looking into getting a bernedoodle, size should definitely be one consideration. Will you choose a micro mini bernedoodle puppy mini bernedoodle Puppies or go big and get a standard? We are here to help you in your decision-making. Since there are no breed standards, we will tell you what we consider to fit each category.  We have researched several other bernedoodle breeders in determining the average.  If you choose to get a mini bernedoodle or micro mini from another breeder, be sure and find out what their criteria is.

The Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

If you are looking for a  mini bernedoodle puppy for sale, know that it is a great choice for those who want a puppy that isn’t quite so tiny but will still work well in a small home or apartment. Keep in mind if your apartment has weight restrictions, that you might not want to get any kind of mixed breed unless you can see a history of litters using the same breeding pair and KNOW that your puppy won’t grow to be too big. Although we can estimate the size of your dog it is JUST an estimate based on the size of the parents.

Mini Bernedoodle PuppiesThe mini bernedoodle Puppies will be 18-22 inches at the shoulder and weigh 25-45 pounds.  I know this sounds big for a mini but we are talking Bernedoodles. They should have great temperaments because usually one parent is a mini poodle not a toy.  Toy poodles can be pretty high strung but miniature poodles typically are not. 

This is a great size for families that have small children. And if you want a dog that going to sleep in your bed you won’t need a super king size for these cuties.

Small/Medium Bernedoodle

The small to medium bernedoodle is a favorite with our families.  You can expect a this bernedoodle to weigh 45-65 pounds.  And should be 22-24 inches tall. This is a great size for families who enjoy taking their dogs for walks or is a more active family in general.  Small to medium bernedoodles are also a great size for children-and bernedoodles love kids!mini Bernedoodles Puppies However, since this puppy will be a bit larger when you bring it home, be aware that he may not have an awareness of his size and may knock down a small toddler.  He is a puppy and will need time to learn to be very gentle. However we have had many owners who originally thought they wanted a smaller dog but have been nothing short of thrilled with this size.  

True to nature, you can never give a bernedoodle too many snuggles.’

Depending on what the market demands we may have a litter of medium, small or mini bernedoodles but most often we breed small/mediums as we think they are perfect for most families. Follow our facebook page to see announcements for bernedoodle puppies for sale in Ohio.  We can also arrange delivery to anywhere in the USA for additional fees.

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Standard Bernedoodle

If standard bernedoodles don’t turn heads, nothing will.  They are big and beautiful with that typical bernedoodle personality that is so fun and silly.  Although they are pretty calm, they are still big and will require more room to stretch out and will need more exercise to maintain a healthy weight. As bernedoodles can be prone to hip issues you would be wise to keep their weight in check. That means watching their calorie intake and using very low calorie treats and snacks.

So many people love the look of the Bernese Mountain Dog but not the short lifespan of only 7-8 years.  But with a bernedoodle, even a standard size, you can expect an average life span of 12 years which gives you time to enjoy lots of big hugs.

A standard size will be 65-90 pounds and will range from about 24-29 inches in height. We think this larger size is gorgeous but is just a little to big for the families we cater to.  However, if this larger size is something you are looking for we will do our best to recommend a high quality breeder for you.

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