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Red Goldendoodle Puppies ARRIVED 2/23/24

Sadie had an extraordinary litter of 2 girls and 6 boys on 2/23/24.  Right from the start these puppies melted our heart.  They are all absolutely beautiful. As of today, 3/4/24 we are seeing that all of them are extremely chill.  We handle them daily and it is extremely rare that we even hear a whimper when we do so.  They are getting puppy chunky and have all doubled their weight. Sadie is doing such a great job mothering her little darlings.  

UPDATE: 5/16/24

All of  our goldendoodle puppies have found their families.  This has been an outstanding litter and we look forward to breeding another amazing litter in the fall of 2024.

We encourage you to get on the waitlist early and submit your REFUNDABLE deposit to hold the spots for the early picks.  We allow puppy selections at 7 weeks (after health check and temperament testing}in the order deposits are received.

Regular updates can be found on our Facebook Page So be sure and follow us there. Fill out your application and start the approval process TODAY.


Sadie is a beautiful cream and apricot colored goldendoodle.  She has a long fleecy coat with gorgeous soft waves. She will produce stunning red goldendoodle puppies. She is so easy to groom and rarely needs brushed more than twice a week.

She has passed OFA for hips, elbows, patella, cardia and eyes. Her genetic panel is excellent and we have no concerns about the health of her puppies.

There’s no sweeter goldendoodle than this beauty.  She loves to have you scratch her ears and just love on her but isn’t extremely needy.  Once she has her share of loving she happily retreats to her dog bed to take a nap. Sadie loves everybody and gets lots of attention wherever she goes.

With her first litter of cream and red goldendoodle puppies she showed us what a caring and loving mom she is.  Even when her puppies were fully weaned she wanted to run and play with them. Those who have one of Sadies puppies feel very lucky! 

With our next litter we anticipate the puppies being between 25-50 pounds.  We would anticipate some minis and some small standard based on the parentso


We are excited to be working with Doodling All Day Golden Doodles in North Carolinato have some beautiful puppies with Gunner. He has that long straight coat that I just love!  It gives the dog that “shaggy” look. 

Pairing Sadie with Gunner means all of the puppies will have either wavy or straight (shaggy) coats. Grooming will be required but not difficult. 

Gunner has passed  OFA for hips, elbows, cardiac, eyes and patella. He also has excellent genetics that assure us of having another litter of very healthy puppies.

Gunner is a mini goldendoodle who weighs 22 pounds.   Their expected adult weight will probably be 25-50 pounds. Size can never be guaranteed because just like kids, they can inherit genes from their grandparents and great grandparents.

Gunner lives in a guardian home where he is absolutely adored.  They never want to spend a night away from him.  Gunner is especially sweet with a stable temperament.  These are going to be some red goldendoodle puppies that you won’t want to miss out on!



About Red Goldendoodles

When we bought Sadie as a puppy we were very new to breeding.  We thought we would have all cream puppies.Then we learned from proper breeding and genetic testing we could have all kinds of colors.  Her first litter were all shades of red goldendoodles and we aren’t sure what we will breed in the future.   Red genes also are responsible for the apricot goldendoodle as well as carmel and champagne coloring.  All puppies will be posted on this page when they arrive.  

Some of Sadies previous puppies are pictured below at approx 5 weeks and 4 months of age.