Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and Bernedoodles

Shopping for your Doodle

We are often asked about grooming supplies, health related items and what food we use so we have put together a list of some of our favorite things.  And to make things easier for you, just click on the highlighted word to go right to the product.


We love the My Pillow dog beds.  Easy to wash as the cover comes off. Very durable.  Our females will dig at them when they are nesting prior to having puppies but the beds continue to hold up! Many colors available.  Click here

Next Level dog food has high approval from our reproduction vet. We start our puppies on this bag and our moms on the high pro Professional (purple bag).  We find their stools are very firm and they love to eat it! It has pro and prebiotics. Because it is a newer brand you should use the locater to see if it’s carried near you.  Or you can order it online by visiting their website.  

These cow hooves are one of our favorite things for puppies and dogs who like to chew.  Chewing is good exercise and helps with boredom but you don’t want them chewing your furniture!  These are pure collagen and are superior to rawhide chews which you should NEVER use.  Order from Amazon

A strong immune system can keep your puppy and dog healthy! It’s shown that having a great immune system can even help fight off parasite and save you a lot of money on vet bills.  We have all of our moms on Nuvet and start our puppies on it as well. You will need an access code to order as it’s only available through approved programs.   Code: 360439



Sometimes your dog may need a little variety for the meal. We have found that Honest Kitchen pour overs are a great addition to that same meal they get every day.  We only use about half a carton at a time and mix it in  with their kibble. We usually get it on Amazon.

As breeders we are always walking a fine line of keeping our dogs healthy without using medications that may cause seizures or other health issues.  It is for that reason that we use brewer’s yeast tablets to help protect our dogs against fleas and ticks.  We don’t use it in the winter but from spring through fall we haven’t seen any ticks or fleas on our dogs and this is all we use as a preventative.  To order from Amazon click here

I have tried many shampoos but this is by far one of my favorites.  Unless we have a dog who is a disaster we don’t need to use a separate conditioner.  This bottle makes up to 6 gallons! Buy Here




This is the only nail grinder we have used but I prefer using a grinder over clippers for puppies.  Our puppies have been conditioned for this and it works great for getting rid of those sharp puppy nails without worrying about cutting them too short. We got ours from Amazon.


When you have some serious nails to trim we love these.  They cut quickly without squeezing the nail.  Our adult dogs are much more tolerant of these then the kind that cut like scissors.  Of course, another Amazon purchase.


I can honestly say we have never had a doodle get an ear infection! We use this whenever we give them a bath or if it seems their ears are bothering them. It comes in different fragrances.  We like cucumber melon

I’m not going to lie.  When I first saw the price of this brush I gasped.  However, this brush works beautifully to get down to the skin and get the coat smooth before mats can form.  Then just use a steel comb to check that all is clear.  I also recommend that you watch a you tube video on line brushing to make sure you doodle always looks it best.  Your groomer will thank you! 

Once in a while you may notice your puppy is peeing a lot.  Could be the beginning of a urinary tract infection.  For the most part we have found cranberry bites can often help prevent it.  We like these the best.  Your puppy will think they are a treat! 


A common concern with doodles is their speed eating.  This can actually make them vomit.  While looking for some replacement slow feeder bowls we came across these inserts.  The suction is great and they will fit almost any stainless steel bowl. Easy to remove for cleaning. 

Most slow feeder bowls are made of plastic which isn’t very sanitary. We also found our puppies would chew on the plastic which led us to these.  They will break (as I dropped them on the concrete floor in the kennel) but dogs don’t chew on them.  This is what our mommas use for their food.  There are several designs to choose from.