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Tri Color Bernedoodle

Tri color Bernedoodle Puppies and Gorgeous Reds 

Our 13 beautiful Bernedoodle puppies arrived 2/25/24!  We have red, red and white, phantom and tri-color bernedoodles.  7 Females and 6 Males. As the puppies grow we will put many updates on our Facebook Page So be sure and follow us there. Fill out your application and join our waitlist TODAY. Below are our currently available puppies as of 5/14/24

Introducing the Tri Color Bernedoodle 

Tri Color Bernedoodles are the most sought after colors in the bernedoodle breed. These adorable pups rock a three-shade coat, creating a stunning visual treat. Combining the grace of Bernese Mountain Dogs with the smarts of Poodles, tri color Bernedoodle make fantastic companions. Plus, their hypoallergenic, minimal-shedding fur suits any home. Whether you’re after a loyal family friend or an active playmate, the Tri-Color Bernedoodle fits the bill. Experience the best of both worlds—charm and intelligence—with this lovable breed that effortlessly adapts to your lifestyle. In addition to the color bernedoodles, we would expect phantom coloring and probably some red-colored ones.

tri color bernedoodle

Bash and Liberty have mated on 12/26/23. If all goes well we will be announcing the arrival of this litter late February.   These will be small/medium tri-color bernedoodles with some phantom and maybe some reds. 

Bash is 18″ and 25#.  Hips and elbows are good.  

Liberty is about 21″ and 50#.  Genetically clear of everything including Dygenerative Myelopathy and Von Willibrands. We estimate the adult size to be between 30-45#. The parents both have amazing temperaments and puppies will be low or non shedding.

tri color bernedoodle

Liberty is a fantastic mother.  Her first litter was gorgeous and gave us a great variety. She even gave us a red bernedoodle which we have decided to use in our program once she passes all of her testing.  Tri color bernedoodles can be a challenge to produce-so we can’t wait to see what we have in this litter.  Bernedoodles are so interesting in their personalities and we are very pleased about the feedback we get from all of our Bernedoodle families

We know you will be blessed to have a puppy from this litter.  Sometimes smaller bernedoodles are predominately poodle but these puppies will have about 37% Bernese Mountain Dog 35% Small Poodle and about 28% standard poodle.  Bernedoodles are so much fun to work with. They have such delightful personalities.  You don’t want to miss out on bringing one of these incredible puppies in to your home.

Below are some of Liberty’s FIRST litter.  These puppies are living with their amazing families. Learn more


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